A Glimpse At The Power of Marketing
Our world is entering a new era given the coronavirus situation. It has forced our world into an unforeseen hard reset. With the world economy possibly approaching a never before seen crash, political powers being pushed to their extremes, and the digitization of our everyday lives, our culture and society is becoming a pot of molten clay. Everyday life as we know it is evaporating away. If this state of suspension prolongs deep into the summer, I cannot imagine knowing the world as it is today, let alone a month ago. The spirits of the people worldwide will be looking for signs of inspiration and purpose to continue moving forward; we need will be an electrifying and believable image of hope. With "viral" marketing seeming to be the most effective way to spread a message across boards into everyone's iPhone or Galaxy, who will deliver the visual imagery to revitalize the world? Will it be corporations with their powerful financial backing to use paid promotion across every platform possible to flex their reach and shine the light on hope? A perfected piece of work, while their brand sits in the shadows? Or will it be an artists who's creates a pure song with a fun little dance to breathe life into our hearts? Maybe even a everyday person with an ingenious idea creates a movement by themselves? The answer lies within us creatives: writers, directors, actors, models, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, choreographers, set designers, marketers and producers. Even if you've never earned a penny from your creative endeavors, even if no one has seen your "creative side", it could be you. and it could be me. The tool of powerful digital marketing can be used to reignite the fire without ourselves.

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